What if you could file your health care claim forms online?

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Fill out forms online

Tired of filling out form after form by hand for medical and dental claims?   ClaimSender.com stores all of your information to save time and hassle. 

Print and mail, or file online

Complete your forms online and print them for free.  Save time and postage by having us file them for you.

Get your claim filed instantly

When we file your claims for you we instantly fax claims to the providers.   Why wait days for your letter to get there when you can file your claim instantly?

Submit United, Aetna, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield health care claim forms online.   Submit Delta Dental and Guardian Dental claim forms online.   

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About ClaimSender.com

We take the pain and hassle out of filing medical and dental claim forms.   We save you time and money, and get you reimbursed faster by immediately faxing in your claim forms.  We store your information in our ultra-secure system to make filing claims a quick, easy, reliable process.

Stop filling out claim forms by hand, hunting for envelopes and stamps, and waiting days for your claim forms to reach your health insurance provider.  Use ClaimSender.com to save time, money, and hassle and get remimbursed quicker. 


“I can't believe ClaimSender.com filed my claim form in seconds, and I didn't have to mail anything!   I am going to use ClaimSender for all of my health and dental claim forms!”

- Doug

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